Red Team Report

This report has two parts, one you have already worked on. That is the Quality Assurance report which you would send to the development team. I want to also have you email me an executive summary of your report.

What To Submit:

I want to hear what you found and also about your progress as an individual.

Executive Summary Email:

The TEAM parts you can have the same replies as your team, but the individual parts should be private.

  1. Team: Give me a bullet-point list of specific weaknesses you found.
  2. Team: For each weakness give your best one-sentence advice for how to resolve the issue before release.
  3. Team: Give short general overview guidance for the developers.
  4. Team: Attach your full, longer, report with the details of your exploits, solutions, and guidance. Screenshots are welcome.
  5. Individual: How many hours did you spend on the full report?
  6. Individual: Tell me about any "a-ha" moments or insights.
  7. Individual: Can you put this report in your portfolio? If not, why not?