Project 1: Text-twist clone

Build a basic LAMP stack word game.

Project 1 Mastery Tasks

Just like most client work the project specs give you a great deal of room to walk or run and put your personal touch on it. So here are some intellectual milestones that I would like you to measure your skills against. If you are struggling, check this list and reach out for help on particular parts of it.

Red-Team on Text-Twist: Due October 15th

Quality Assurance: Imagine that you are employees of the same company as the other team. You are planning to send this Text Twist Site to market just before a conference late October. Your job is to find all of the problems that the world will find. Find the hacks or potential hacks and advice the developers how they could improve the security/playability/cheatability.

Provide a write up with screen-shots and references to the code base. Actually share it with the other team and with me on October 16th.

If you make a true exploit then extra-credit for sure.

Project 2 (used as part of Project 3): Due October 29th

Create an authentication system. Let users register an email/password, reset their password, and give them the option to login with OAuth (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail). Have at least one restricted page which only shows up if a user is logged in. Don't use a LAMP stack.

This is a precursor to your third project which is a DIY reddit. So keep that in the back of your mind.

Project 3: Due November 30th

Create a Reddit-Clone using the skills from this class.

Users should be able to login using o-auth or a password. Create topics/channels/subs and add comments to those channels. The comments should be votable up and down. Likewise users can comment on comments and vote those up and down too.

Having moderators, admins, and users is extra credit, making it real-time is extra too.